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Originally Posted by Anth10 View Post
Here is a close up of the bracket to safeguard the roof from uplift.
I kind of agree with the less automation idea. sometimes things are needlessly complex. For example, I got a new induction oven with electronic touch panel in January and it's busted already. Seems like water got in or something. I long for the days that things were made robust with physical knobs and switches. Drives me insane. As for the structure itself, you should probably be pretty careful with winds. The wheels look pretty small and don't appear to have protection against a shear/lateral forces. I don't know anything about construction but after much discussion with my builder we went for some pretty tough wheels and tracks. They were not cheap, costing about 5k including the tracks. I got 4 wheels and 3 tracks (one will be halved and welded to increase length). You can see in the link below that the bearings have protection against lateral forces with an extra wheel at right angles. It also has a cantilever. Each one is almost 1/2m long and is surprisingly heavy. If you feel you will need something stronger than what you've got I'm sure you can upgrade without too much hassle. I went for the larger ones but they come in smaller sizes. Maybe I'm being paranoid but I had to go with the expert advice I was given. Check them out...
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