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Originally Posted by FrancoRodriguez View Post
Are you going to motorise and control your obsy? I was thinking about the pros and cons of automation. On the one hand, it would give huge peace of mind knowing that if a big wind picked up or it started drizzling then it would protect my gear. It's not a cheap endeavour though, with a cloud sensor needed too. The Boltwood ones are pretty expensive. Have you put thoughts into that? There are some companies, including Scopedome in Australia offering a turnkey solution. SOunds pretty seductive not to have to do it all one's self!
Hi Franco,
Mate I am fairly old school for a young bloke ( tongue in cheek),
I am happy to use my long arm reach and drag the roof along myself. Sounds like I'm a gluten for punishment but the less automation the less than can go wrong I recon.
Incidently, the early hours of Saturday morning the wind was gusting pretty darn wildly and I had to get outta bed to use the turnbuckles to lock it down juuust in case... It was a real test and this month of September is always heart in mouth stuff with the trade winds getting up there. I'm on a hill so the wind races straight up the valley and shakes the gum trees around like you wouldn't want to see.
I have a secondary system to prevent the chance of the roof flying off even if I were to forget securing the turnbuckles and that is my engineered brackets with a lip to overlock the angle tracks to prevent uplift wherever the roof may be sitting at any particular position along the rails..
I'm comfortable this will hold it all down in good stead.

Getting closer now and I will need to insulate the roof which is my next decision to make on what is best...
Cheers and hope your design is coming along well too..
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