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So far I have only one thing I could call a gripe. The guide camera requires you to drill into it's driver to change the gain and the exposure time needs to be set in the camera driver as well (In addition to doing exposure time in PHD2, the iguider manual says to ensure they match, though I spent quite a bit of time on Saturday night with PHD set at 3 seconds and the driver set at a shorter time)

The gripe is that the camera driver settings do not persist through power off, so you need to set them each night. I checked the manual and it is expected behavior, hopefully something that a future firmware update changes. In the meantime or if it turns out to be a characteristic of the camera in use, I can live with it.

Obviously if I were to whack on a long focal length scope it would not apply anyway as I would need to use an OAG and the iguider would sit there capped.
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