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Originally Posted by FrancoRodriguez View Post
What an awesome obsy you're building! How tall is it at the wall? Are you making it so you need to move the scope to horizontal position in order to close the roof? And how many square meters is it? I'm making one too, and it's more than 10 square meters which means I should get council approval, but I'm taking the risk and not doing that. It's a massive bother and they'd make me jump through all sorts of hoops
I’m glad that you are embarking on your ROR build. It’s certainly a challenge I’ve found with plenty to consider. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s consumed me but when you’re hell bent on achieving a goal nothing really gets in your way!
My overall work space internally is 6mx3.5m
With the actual observatory being just under half that at 2.8mx3.5m.
To answer your question on the roof height well this was a bit of a compromise having to accommodate telescope height and head clearance. I went for a wall height of 2.1m giving around 35deg min view to the sky. I can see from the east through to the west only a short distance past the meridian. I can see a large portion of the south too.
My Newtonian is 1250mm focal length so quite long and when it’s parked to the South Pole it will sit 100mm clear of the ceiling. This I will have to see when it’s finished as I am still uncertain what roof insulation to put in and this may drop the ceiling a little more depending.

In any case it’ll be practical enough to maintain decent clearance even if I place it on a slight tilt. The sky will be unobstructed for the best part.

Look forward to seeing your progress and feel free to ask any questions as I would equally be keeping an eye out for any last minute tips...

All the best
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