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Hi all,
Hope everyone is well.

I have all the time in the world of late as this year has presented due to the restrictions imposed to curb this nasty pandemic. Work is slow and most of us particularly here in the state of Vic are confined to home as a base to ride it out. And so my labor of love has begun - building my shed/observatory!

I've hand drafted the plans last June and permits cleared for a start around when Covid hit the news back in the early months. The design is based on a rustic homestead I noticed watching a program on the Warwick homestead rebuild in Queensland which I was inspired and also from a similar homestead in Casterton whilst participating in the annual Kelpie show (my one year old pup did well in the sprint mind you).

I knocked down the old existing rusty shed and began my new attempt at it whilst incorporating a roll off roof design for my obsy.

When finished it will have weatherboard cladding, clay pavers for the floor with sand and scoria subgrade, mudbrick internal walls for insulation and stable temp with old californian bungalow doors/windows I've collected over time for flavour. The roof sheets will utilse my existing shed old corrugated rusted iron for a touch of nostalgia.
The roll off roof design is a mix of elements I have noticed in other similar roofs with brass castors and turnbuckles for lock down and also for added safety some heavy duty steel brackets designed to prevent uplift with a right angle steel angle.

The steel pillar was an old surveying pier we had at work that was sitting around doing nothing from a previous project. It'll be poured/installed after completion of the roof to maximise space for the 10" Newt.

Should be cool when its finished and I can get back to imaging - with a bit more luxury knowing that the scope will be permanently setup and ready to go...

Anyhow with 6 weeks lock-down here working from home I'll get pretty close to having it almost ready.

Stay tuned.

Stay safe,
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