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Originally Posted by vk5cp View Post
How did you get the data to be on screen - my Robbo version does not do that? I will upload one of my videos from Younghusband in SA (near dark sky reserve)
I've been having a fair bit of comms with the author over the last few weeks, and I've been doing a fair bit of testing.
He added the text back in about a week or so ago (which still kind of sucks because it leave that graph/axis across the top, but we can't control that - it's built in to the RASPISTILL command when you display the stats).

He added the dark subtraction back in yesterday. I haven't downloaded that one yet.

He has added some code to auto-download the git repo on restart of the service. I don't like that, so I change his code when I update to avoid that.

Originally Posted by vk5cp View Post
I am getting a AS178MC going to compare, bit the enclosure is not so simple due to the USB3 connectors (100mm pipe fitting not big enough.
I'm having a fair bit of trouble with my two ASI Cameras (ASI120MC-S and as a test, my ASI290MM). Both have problems during the day, but seem to be OK at night. Not sure if I just need to start from scratch with the operating system, as it was working OK until I upgraded the OS.

I currently have the ASI290MM installed on this link:
It's so much more sensitive than the 120, but it should be for the price!

Not exciting right now because of the clouds. If you look back through the timelapses though, there's a lot of video of the ASI290MC-S
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