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I've been tweaking my setup for my cam, and decided to try to run the new Raspberry Pi HQ Camera instead.

I've been having some problems after updating my Raspberry Pi when using the ASI120MC-S (indeed weird problems with my ASI290MM). Weird problems with the images during daytime. I'm going to be rebuilding the operating system from scratch to see if that fixes it.

Here's a video from last night which came out pretty good (ignore the first bit while I was desk-testing it!!).

The attached image is scaled for upload here, but they are 12megapixel images (about 7Mb) as JPGs out of the camera. This was a 30 second exposure.
If you want to take a look at it live, use this URL and hope that it's not cloudy

I'm still fiddling with it all the time to see if I can tweak it some more. It's not a super sensitive camera, but at AUD$100 is a heap cheaper than even the crappiest ZWO camera.
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