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In some cases you are right, but it's when you have problems and contact the seller that you discover what they're really like. You haven't done too badly because at least they tried to help.
In my case the lathe was made in China but stored and shipped to me from a warehouse in Sydney. One would assume that a return would be to the shipping address it came from (which, I believe, is what the ACCC says). In order for Paypal to give me a refund they require it to be returned first and the return address I was given was in England??!! Shonky? Just a little bit.

The other chap I mentioned that bought one like yours is very happy with it and found it to be quite accurate, given that it's not a high precision build. It's certainly a better design than mine, I looked into them but it was going to cost double what my little one did and seeing that I already have a larger lathe I didn't want to spend that much. As you've no doubt found there is a lot of info on youtube and the 'net about using these little lathes, plus various mods to do to them. I bought a quick release toolpost, which I see yours has, and a set of replaceable tip carbide tools, both of which make life much easier.

Once you get it sorted I'm sure you'll feel it was worth it. If you like making things then a lathe is almost a necessity, in my opinion.
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