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Originally Posted by bojan View Post
One pair of calipers (now on standing drill cross vice) was really hardened and not easy to drill.
Another one (currently on that home-made lathe) was made of "white brass", so easy to work with. I would like to get some more, but when I ask vendors about material they swear their products are made of "best quality stainless steel"...
My son was a Welder/Boilermaker until some one talking on there phone rammed his bosses work van and broke his back -- at last he is still on his feet. They got in some best quality steel girders from China. At one paint you could see the engine number of a Car engine block that was made into that girder. Parts of the steel were very hard, other parts were soft.

So wondering if your "Bst quality Stainless steel" has the same problems.
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