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Originally Posted by turbo_pascale View Post

In your configuration, does that provide sufficient heat to ward off the dew, or do you attempt to do it by other means?

For what it's worth, I've put the PoE HAT to power the RPi, which is a good 1-cable way of powering the unit, proving ethernet in plenty of juice for the camera. A bit of heat pops out of it too!
I get a fair bit of dew too but Clayton is like that. It appears to be the dew capital of SA, gallons of the stuff. Having said that, I could drill holes in the cover just under the dome to allow the heat to come into the dome. Even the minor slot width around the camera does allow some of the heat to rise. There is a dew heater you can buy from the AllSky camera people too. That might be better.

Originally Posted by turbo_pascale View Post

ps. where did you source the 1.55mm lens? I've ordered one off Anazon, but it was kind of expensive....
I got that from B&H. The price was ok but it took sometime to get it to Australia and that was pre covid-19. So you might be in for a wait.
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