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Originally Posted by vk5cp View Post
Thanks for the heads up@!

I was about to order a ASI178 but will give this a go first.

I already have the 1.55mm lens which should fit the Pi Camera. For some reason the lens is recommended for cameras up to 5MP - not sure why. I have also ordered a POE hat (with CPU cooling fan included) - Hopefully the POE hat will make power cabling a lot easier.

Will let you know how I go.

I spent a lot of time hacking with the code to get it running with the ASI120MC-S and publishing it to my website.

However, on the GitHub repo, there is a pull request for someone who implemented a solution with the RPI camera (the older ones).
The API for the cameras are the same, just different parameter selections, so in theory, could be quite easily modified to get working.
Once I've bedded in my current solution, I'll try and see if I can run up an alternate version with the RPi HQ camera.

ps. where did you source the 1.55mm lens? I've ordered one off Anazon, but it was kind of expensive....
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