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Newbie - SkyWatcher 200 / EQ5 entry level?

Hi all,

Just joined and this is my first post so be gentle

I studied basic high school astronomy in my younger days but never got round to buying my own equipment to put theory into practise. I've always loved taking shots of the heavens and have used my Nikon DSLR for short exposure wide shots and telefoto for lunar shots.

I'm keen on getting in a bit 'closer to the action' with lunar, planetry and nebula photography but I want to start on somewhat of a budget at first - mostly because I also want to buy a decent wide prime lens for my camera for some wide-field shots.

Do any of you have any experience/opinions on the SkyWatcher 200mm Newtonion with the EQ5 mount as an entry not only into astronomy but astrophotography? My only expectation at the moment is to be able to allign, point and track things like the moon and get in a little closer to Orion and some of the more commonly known celestial objects.

Also, could I use the EQ5 to directly mount my DSLR and save buying something like the Vixen Polarie? Would I need any accessories for this?

My view is to start simple and become experienced and accustomed with finding the planets and stars as well as all of the post production work involved with enhancing the photos (deepskystacking / photoshop etc)

Further down the line I may then look at buying a better 8" or 10" telescope with a GOTO/EQ/HEQ mount.

Your thoughts and opinions would be much appreciated,

PS: I might also think about investing in a CCD but thats another topic...
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