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IR Filter for DBK21AU618 and Mars

I've been scratching my head for a while now wondering why I can capture Saturn without issue (TEC140, f35, DBK21AU618 + IR/UV filter) using the Imaging Source software, but not Mars. The image with Debayering turned on, pre capture, is completely blown out in red requiring the red balance to be diminished practically to zero (far left). The histogram shows all three colors about the same intensity and I can see some detail on the screen. However, when I Debayer after capture the image is bright blue and is completely unrelated in appearance to the image precapture. (I'm capturing Y800 with Debayering turned off, then Debayering in AutoStakkert2, or FireCapture, or VDub). Since the same Debayering works fine for Saturn this has me confused. Also, if I inspect the resulting RBG channels in photoshop, the red channel is greatly reduced and blue is blown out - which does not match at all the histogram in the IS software pre-capture.

Now I think, after reading around various forums, that perhaps the Bintel UV/IR filter I've been using is not effective enough in IR to work well with this camera, which I have read is very sensitive in the NIR.

If the clouds would ever part in Sydney I'd try a different filter. I have a TruTek IR filter but I don't know much about this brand and I can't seem to find it any longer on the True Technology website.

I'd appreciate opinions about a good IR filter to match this one shot colour camera, and also info on the TruTek filter if known. Am I on the right track suspecting the IR filter? Could there be a different cause?



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