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Observation of Comet Garrard and image Sep14

Made a visual observation and imaged Comet Garrard tonight.

Location Penwortham South Australia.

Date 14/09/2011 Time 09.50 UT

Telesope 200mm equatorial reflector F6

Magnification 75x

Estimated mag 8.2 defocus method, using GSC mags guide 7.

DC(dergree of codensation) 4-5

Diam 2.5 x 4 arc minutes.

Also visible in 80mm finder.

The comets DC seems a little less from previous observations.

CCD image. North to bottom.
SAC7 CCD modified with home made focal reducer on 200mm F6 reflector
Image size 22..81 x 17.28 arc minutes.
10 x 10 second images stacked unprocessed.
Time 10.05 UT.
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