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re flaashing


I have got a 'c'fn' icon on the screen,never had it showing before,and the whole thing flashes on/off.when I press set,as if changing the flash out put
then only the flash out put no flashes,when I press set to set thet new out
put setting all the info on screen flashes again.this is a EX 430 Dennis,not a Mk 2 model,I find the buttons difficult to use-very tiny,I imagine EX 580 better.Eventually I will get a 580,and use this one as a slave.

It appears I need to get rid of the Custom function icon.And not to fiddle.

I can get good usage out of flash,for my uses by changing out puts,and tilting head.Was trying to get a bit more use out of it,but it appears those aplications
are not of a great deal of use to my requirements.
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