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'Rear Sync' and EOS canon-making it work???

Had a read in a camera book,about 'rear sync'-firing the flash at the very last part of an exposure.

I had a play around in the 450D and 50D menus when I had the EX 430 flash on,But could not find anything much or get much working,I found a flash menu,
and played around,I could see '1st curtian' in menu,but I could not access it.Both menus are the same,and a basically am at a dead end.I also had issues with body recognising I had the flash on and switched on (maybe this flash is a 'dud')

I could vary the exp comp of flash,But I want to get this 'Rear sync' thing happening-may be its only a Nikon thing,the book covers both canon and nikon,and is quite good and helpful.But I am stumped with this.

Any ideas EOS users???? thanks-Chris
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