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Observing Report 05/01/11

I have been desperate for a look at Saturn with the storm for what seems forever
At 02:45 this morning the heavens cleared and there was Saturn in all its glory About 40 degs high in the Eastern sky
Using my 20cm (8") Celestron Ultima SCT I spent some time observing Saturn using my Tmb 9mm and eventually my 6mm Radian eyepieces.
Observing with this scope is a renewed experience for me As I have been observing with the 16" Dob for so long I had forgotten the magnification and light gathering difference between the two scopes
At first the seeing was pretty ordinary but as Saturn rose higher in the sky
and the scope cooled down the view became better.
the Cassini Division and some banding was seen.
It must have been averted imagination on my part as I thought I could see a whitish streak low down on the north close to the limb in the 6mm Radian, I am disappointed that it was not the Storm
I also observed some of the old favourites
First observed was the Leo Triplet M65/66 and NGC 3628, these three galaxies just fit in the field of view of the 30mm Celestron Ultima eye piece.
I then headed South to NGC5128 (Cent A) so much smaller and dimmer than I am used to but the dark lane was very pronounced and the two 9th to 10th mag foreground stars where plainly
seen, it was good to see this galaxy again
NGC 5139 Omega Cent was a splendid sight with the seeing being the best since I started observing, this giant ball of stars was a beautiful sight in the dawn sky.
NGC 4945, this 9th mag edge on galaxy seemed extremely faint but was quite plainly seen but no detail even in high mag
By this time the dawn sky was brightening, so one more hopeful look at Saturn then over to Venus which was about 25degs high shining brilliantly in the east.
Through the scope a fine crescent was seen shimmering in the early morning glow, a fine sight to finish off a short but pleasant observing session.
Closed up the observatory at 04:15 and was in bed for 04:30

PS on going through my bits of paper I noticed that I also observed M104
It was a sliver of light in the dawn sky but was plainly seen
in the 21mm TV plossl eyepiece

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