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Originally Posted by astroron View Post
Great Report Suzy,I enjoyed reading it and your enthusiasm come s across beautifully
I look forward to more in the future
leaves my last one for dead
Aww thank you Ron. It's mostly thanks to you though as you gave me much encouragment to do a report.

Originally Posted by jjjnettie View Post
A wonderful report Suzy!
It was like i was out there with you.
Thank you jj, ditto what I said to Chris .....
I'm glad you enjoyed it. Perhaps I might get you to drop that camera for a moment and have a go at visual obs then?! We need more visual observers in this forum you know.

Originally Posted by ballaratdragons View Post

sorry but I missed what you said.
Could you please repeat that bit after you said "My First Obs. Report (grab a cuppa, it's long!)"

Great report. Well worth reading
No probs, just cut and paste, only take 10 seconds. Professional wafflers back up their work
Thanks Ken, for your very kind comment.
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