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Thanks for the feedback gentlemen, much appreciated. Malcolm, I started out on the SMC with the firm conviction that I would be able to identify most things, as I'd had quite a bit of success doing so with parts of the LMC using Mati Morel's LMC atlas, but here were so many things in the SMC that just aren't listed in the SMC version. It is truly perplexing. For my next attempt I will take my copy of "Star Clusters" by Archinal and HYnes out with me. It lists all open and globular clusters in the SMC by RA/Dec and I hope using my laptop and Skywatch software to be able to decode it all. Should be fun. And that surprises me - I used to think going out and just looking at things was fun and that recording/sketching was a good thing to do but felt a bit like work. Now I feel like something's missing if I'm not making notes. Also I've now found a way to hang a red light off my finder so I can do some sketching. I really enjoy doing something as I observe and plodding my way systematically through the SMC will be just another enjoyable thing. All quite uncharacteristically methodical for me, but I'm loving it. And the support of this IIS section, with everyone's reports and feedback is just great.
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