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I agree with Merlin66 in that the optec compressors work excellent with the LX200 scopes.
I use a Mallincam hyper plus as well and a 12 200R scope and have been using the MFR3 reducer that Rock sent out and was happy with that untill I got the Optec.33 and .7 compressors, and WOW.
These made a huge difference in the image quality coming out of the Mallincam.
I spent a couple of nights with Gavin and his Mallincam at my place with the 12 R and down at his place with his 14 R trying different reducers, he was using Rock's older MFR 4 and the Optec .33 with the Optec mallincam "C" adapter was clearly a step up in both image quality and field size compared to the others.

I find that smaller planetaries are too small and this is where the .7 is good. I think Optec is discontinuing the .33 soon as it is no good for the larger chips comming out now but for the Mallincam video its perfect.
Thanks for the link for those 7 inch lcd TV's when you answered my question on the Yahoo group recently. I got one for the scope and use it at the OTA for focus and viewing and now run the S video to my laptop via the imaging source converter for better viewing and recording.

Regards Matt.
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