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I have the ultra wedge on my 12" LX200, I haven't measured it exactly but it looks like the top of the dec arms/ tube are higher when using the wedge. Think about it raising the base and tilting to 55 deg v's on the base at 90 degrees....
One of the BEST things I've done in a while was to cut about 200mm of the tripod legs!! The heavy duty field tripod I use is now only 28" high; much, much easier to lift the 12" onto and solid as a brick outbuilding.
An easy job to do: remove the legs, two screws at the top and the roll pin on the spreader.
Put the legs ( well at least the top part with the casting) on the BBQ for 3-5mins ( low heat!) and this will soften the glue; pull the tube out of the casting. Cut the tubes to length and re-assemble with some araldite.
The spreader bars need to be cut back to suit and new holes drilled for the roll pins. Took about 1 1/2hr at the weekend.
Strongly recommended.
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