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will the 840k be modified? would question what mag star u could use, perhaps others could advise.

i use mine on a 1-2 sec time loop (modded) have yet to have problem with a guidestar, i find the brighter the star the better the guiding, though i guess all systems will guide if you can see it,
ive downloaded phd because it has ability to use dmk for guiding but havent used it yet, up til now have used guidedog + 840kwith shoestring usb adapter which works brilliantly(exept no dmk unless theyve released new edition)

i trawled through previous posts with regard to easy guider for my own use, comments were made about stars being prone to coma etc,or harder to find...again others can advise.

dont take my comments as negative, just better to consider all the requirements before you spend.

cheers AL
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