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Originally Posted by Entropy View Post
Hey guys,
Me again, with yet another problem

When I use the peltier/fan combo on my camera, dew forms on the chip very quickly. Both fan and peltier seem to be working correctly otherwise.

Do you think the problem could simply be that the fan is on backwards/upsidedown ?

If not, any ideas on how to remedy this problem (short of, not using the peltier)


the chip is very cold and the volume is moisture overloaded. maybe you should carefully open the ccd and insert a regenerated tiny bag calcium chlorure to absorb moisture. Many high-end ccd cameras includes this. Is it possible with yor kind of camera?

Sometimes you have tu put it into a hot oven (100c) to regenerate the calcium chlorure chrystals.

See the example as shown on the picture (Audine Kaf400 ccd sensor, you can see the tiny bag).

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