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As usual your observations are on the money Peter although I do think building a big wombat is something the government should leave to the private sector.

And we complain to each other but who umoungst us writes a letter to their local member with a copy for the opposition?

Whilst the snouts are in the trough you would think someone would be tempted to do some butt kicking ..but no the footy is on.

Anyways the government is not so bad ...I have been reading about Starlin and so perhaps we should be happy with the way it is...and folk get stuck into the public service but I must say the folk in higher levels than those the general public get to interact with I have found most really do we have any problems? If so what are they really?

I think perhaps education could be better and that is an uninformed opinion but really no matter how good it is today it must be better tomorrow.

I propose that each city build its own large Australian animal ... Such is good because at least it is doing something new...stagnation and complacency is the enemy ... But really more energy and more water is a must..if there can be one offset to the problems of a warming environment surely more energy and more water will be key to minimising the negative effects.

I have no faith or confidence that humans will head off the problem and feel preparing for a hotter environment makes can't lose.. even if things go ice age both fresh water supply and energy can only make us better able to cope.

Maybe if we all sent a letter to both our mp and his opponent simply asking...what infrastructure projects would you like to see our country embrace maybe they will start thinking about how they could make promises we all would like to hear.

Personally I think Australia should be the first country to build battle stars..if we ha E the water and energy we could do that.
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