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I know dams are no longer in favour but thinking about what could be the most important issues to address I concluded that water security must be it.

City folk don't think about water I believe...but in the country water is the most important thing.

I am selling some water to a poor guy who without that water will see his fruit trees die..years of work heaps of dollars all dependant on Tenterfield they have a major water problem..
Well most places you look are in need of I believe we need to store more water...I am not in favour of large dams but I think many small dams in any place or river can only be a good thing. Maybe 4 mts high every couple of miles...with little streams around so fish can still travel.
I see things like...12 guys to put up a pole..20 guys with one actually mowing the grass...situations where clearly government needs to get money into the community...examine road works and wonder about the bodies on the job...anyways how good would building many small dams be for our future and each community that is building dams in their region. Jobs and water security for the places this idea will work.
I am in favour of daming salt water bays so they end up holding fresh water..just like the Plover Dam in China.
The main road is nearly finished so what next..dams I say...if you look at any of the ancient ruins and ask what happened most often their fall was due to lack of water...desalinators may be part of the answer but dam storage seems a logical approach to me.
So how to implement the idea...lobbyists...which ones...mmm those representing Steel, cement and quarry interests...

Perhaps the worrying thing is no one comes forward with this sort of thing..When has any Polly suggested anything that you could say is snowy scheme was it..why not more? Hydro electricity should be on our list..and the Snowy was a success that way..the diversion for agriculture perhaps not a wise move.
But where are similar plans and ideas?

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