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DSLR Cooling Fan Temperature Test

I made a cooling fan for my DSLR to see what effect it would have on the running temperature of the sensor during an imaging session
I used an aluminium bracket attached to the underside of my Canon 600D and mounted a 60mm high efficiency 12V DC axial fan on neoprene pads to limit vibration. The fan is approximately 40mm away from the back of the camera with the flip screen opened out
Connected the fan to a 2m 12V cigarette lead plugged into my power socket below the mount
Did a test run last night while imaging M17 so started the session without the fan running for about half an hour and the temperature sensor was reading 22deg C
Then started the fan and after 3 or 4 subs , the temperature initially dropped to 19deg C and then for the remainder of the session dropped to 17deg C
Outside air temperature was round 14 to 15 deg C most of the night
I know a 5 degree reduction in sensor temperature is not going to have much effect on SNR but Iím more concerned about lowering the temperature to preserve the life of the camera , sensor and electronics
I will be interested to see the outcome during the summer months ( maybe a fruitless exercise) but any reduction in temperature is better than none at all

Comments welcome
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