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CDK 17 Data Subscription from CHILE.

Hi everyone.
I have been anxious to post this exciting ‘upgrade’ to my business and now it is happening!

My 17” Planewave was relocated to Rio Hurtado on 1 May and I flew down on 19 May to personally install it (still here). For my business it means I can now offer data subscription at 3 price points to suit different budgets.

With over 300 clear nights per year (330 in 2018) and 1 arcsec seeing (or better) most of the time, I am confident this telescope is going to produce the best amateur data in its class; especially when combined with my method of system assembly, optimisation and of course adaptive optics. The location is dry, has very low humidity, and sits above the inversion layer, not to mention zero light pollution. It is of course co-located with professional scopes on adjacent mountain tops.

What does this mean? It means the scope will become vastly more productive, with very little wastage, allowing more targets to be completed and others to be imaged at an even greater depth.

I am confident this is going to appeal to a large number of people, but I will not over-subscribe it which means spaces are limited.
I cannot wait to get cracking so subscription commences on 7 Jun. Questions? Happy to take them otherwise check out your options here:
Cheers and thank you for reading this post.
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