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For planetary you need a camera with smaller pixel size NOT more pixels.
You should be capturing at smaller size (not full) so its not such a tiny dot in the blackness, but you're wasting processing and capture speed on data you have to throw away. By dropping the recording size the planet is still the same number of pixels across but you gain frame rate which is very important. Planetary you only have a few minutes to record before the planet's rotation starts to smear your stacked result (you ARE stacking right?!).
no books, just experiment and learn, it takes time and patience. ADC wont help much if at all, every piece of glass you add to the optical train reduces the photons that reach the camera and adds extra distortions. No such thing as 100.0% transparent glass with 0.0% distortions so a 5x televue sound great but youre often magnifying the atmospheric distortions anyway. There are practical magnification limits of OTAs .
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