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Archseconds per pixel????


I am trying to understand the best resolution to capture planetary images. I have come across formulas out every internet orifice and find it difficult to understand. 0.25" (arcseconds) /pixel seems to be the optimum. But what does this mean in real terms?????

Ok, heres my setup (not an exhaustive list, ony the relevant ones for this thread):
  • Skywacher Newtonian 1200mm / 250mm (MAX 500x magnification)
  • ZWO 174mm camera
  • 5x Televue Powermate (increasing focal length to 6000mm (F24)) (don't know what this means in magnification except for the obvious 5x)
I've taken pretty reasonable images with this setup, but i have seen far better images taken with the same camera and know there must be a better way.

So, my query is how do I work out what is best with the equipment I have, how do know the target 0.25" (arcseconds) / pixel is met (even if this is optimum). Let's take Saturn as an example. It's around 21 arcseconds in diameter, how do I magnify this to reach the optimum.

I find this all very confusing.

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