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Eddington Expirement Revisit 2017

So I booked my hotel a few weeks back for viewing the 8/21/17 eclipse
My goal was to let the ~2 mins of totality wash over with hopes of experiencing the spiritual/out-of-body moment so many describe
......but the left side of my brain feels that's a waste of time.

Has anyone ever tried to reproduce the Eddington experiment of 1919....i.e. photograph the sun during totality to expose bent starlight?
A quick look seems to indicate a that star on the edge of the sun disk would bend about ~2 arcseconds....about the size of Neptune.
I think modern AP equipment could capture that and resolve the difference against the same starfield absent the sun.

But how to manage overexposing the field with the suns corona blazing?
What other challenges might exist?

I have a C14, a Hyperstar lens and a bunch of CCDs
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