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New PoleMaster first night

Hi to you all.
First use of my new PoleMaster last night. How did it go?
But first some context. How did I polar align pre PoleMaster? I used the polar align tool in PHD2.
Watching the red and blue lines, waiting for the purple circle to disappear into the green box, if you have used PHD2 you know what I mean. This, polar alignment with PDH2, would usually take me at least an hour, maybe more, never less. Oh for a permanent setup.
How did I go with the PoleMaster? In a nutshell I’m not going back to PHD2.
Polar alignment with the PoleMaster took 6 minutes, and this was the first time. Very easy to use. The result of each adjustment is seen immediately, no more “let’s see what happens now”.
Even though Octans was low in the sky, it was 7:30, the PoleMaster had no trouble “seeing it”.
I went back to PHD2 to compare and the purple circle disappeared into the green box after a minute or two and was gone. The guiding assistant in PHD2 gave the polar alignment error as 0”.
I parked my G11 and using Stellarium, I slewed to M4. There it was, just to the left of centre, no sync.
When I become more familiar with the software, and it no doubt is improved, I am sure it will be even better. This was the first time I have used it.
Money well spent? For me, yes. Less time, better alignment, less effort, less stress. What’s not to like.
PS I also solved a minor meridian flip issue. Happy days.

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