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Originally Posted by RickS View Post
I set my min and max move based on the image scale (min move no less than 1/4 image scale and max move at least 2x image scale) and then tweak the Aggressiveness to account for nightly variations in seeing. That's derived from the gospel of Roland Christensen (Mr. Astro-Physics) and has always worked well for me...

The basis for my thinking is simply that if the centroid is bouncing around +/- 0.2px due to seeing fluctuations, then you can't trust movements within those bounds, only once it goes outside of that can you be sure there's something other than atmospheric turbulence at play, which is why I adjust the min motion to account for seeing.

I only tweak the aggression when I see under correction (large swings of corrections in the same direction) or over correction (zig-graph, with frequent alternating corrections).

Damping the aggression to compensate for seeing may also work well, clearly it does for you, just doesn't make as much sense to me so hasn't been the way that I've tackled it.
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