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John Congrats on acquiring such an awsome camera i would love to have a play with one of the first cooled ASI.

I have an asi120mm-s the usb 3 version.
It was my first ever Astro camera i purchased to use for guiding but untill ia had the funds for my atik i spent some time playing around this the zwo to see what i could get out of it.

Main issue for me was the heat uncooled for Deepsky is not much fun i had did attempt to modify using a thermo electric cooler but i couldn't come up with a way of preventing dew and ice from forming on the glass window

Playing with the gain and exposure settings i found to be a fun challenge that involved a lot of trial an error but ultimately i was limited in my possible exposure times duo to no guiding.

Here's one of my first ever astro photos.
Im sure you could do a million times better with a cooled camera and bigger chip.

Camera ZWO Asi 120mm-s
ZWO LRGB filters and ZWO filter wheel
Scope lxd75-8SN
Mount EQ-6pro
no guiding

30x20 sec of each colour RGB subs 65 gain
100x10 sec of Lum at 70 gain
stacked in dss using Fit files
processed in photoshop
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