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There are a lot of things to consider here.

As has been mentioned already, the KAF-8300 will give you finer resolution with an image scale of 1.14 arcsec/pixel vs 1.89 arcsec/pixel for the KAI-11002M. Neither is hugely oversampled for the seeing that you're likely to get in SE Qld.

The FOV of the KAF-8300 would be 47.4x62.9 arcmin and 84.2x126.4 arcmin for the KAI-11002M, so the KAI will give you a much bigger FOV.

The KAI has much deeper wells, so it will suit longer exposures better (bright objects like stars won't saturate as quickly).

The bigger pixels of the KAI will give you an advantage in the speed of data collection. With your system you would get to the same SNR with the KAI approximately twice as quickly (largely because you are imaging at a lower resolution.)

The KAF has lower read noise at approx 8e- vs 11e-, so that's a win to the KAF and reduces the benefit of faster imaging to a degree.

Hope that helps a bit. You really need to consider the resolution and FOV that you'd like to have by thinking about what targets you might want to image. My choice would be the KAI because I like the benefits of big pixels when imaging time is limited... you'll get a lower res image but a nice big FOV and good SNR with less imaging time.

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