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Greg, thanks for the detailed response, and would be good info for anyone, I think, and easily found by the search engine…!
Of course, I did not add that I may have a limited budget…

Re: D7000 sensor, good info. I was using a D7000 (my wife’s), which is in Nepal right now, taking fantastic photos.

Canonn 60Da is probably not an option- too specialised. I would need filters for terrestrial use.

Nikon D610 – yes, an option except for cost but (a) as you said, should wait for reviews and see if oil/dust problem is gone; and (b) the D620 (?) with slightly more DX megapixels will be good, e.g. 16MP in the DX zone. Although probably better for someone like my wife as a transition from DX to FX.

Nikon D800- yep, way too expensive.

Canon 60D versus 700D: probably comes down to weight, I think, and maybe cost…
Canon 100D- I think the fixed LCD is not as good as the articulated LCD on the 700D/60D

So, I think it will come down to a Fuji XM1 or Canon 700D .

Thanks, again for the great info.
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