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Originally Posted by astroron View Post
4. Think before you post. Think before you press submit. Re-Read the original post and read your reply before posting.
I still cannot fathom out that this sentence can be construed as offensive.
1) Ron, firstly, what you've written above, I don't understand. Point 4 is already in the current TOS. I have no argument with you regarding this point. It isn't offensive.
In a calmer manner the issue was; "If they read their own posts surely they can see what is wrong, so why don't they go in and fix the offending sentence." The problem is there are people within IIS who do have problems seeing "what is wrong" (or correcting what is wrong). Some with some kinds of disability feel very intimidated because of their perceived limitations. The most liberating thing about the Net is whatever the circumstances, most disabilities are disappear - a totally level play field.
(I know of three in IIS, personally, one who can only type with one finger and one who has lost much of his eyesight late in life and is having trouble seeing the screen. Both are keen as mustard when it come to astronomy.)

Perhaps I may have reacted too strongly and might have been a bit out of line, but also spoke in terms of others and not about just myself. You also could of also avoided much of it by being more sensitive or even a little contrite.
What is done is done.

2) However, I think the way it which is was dealt with was all part of the problem. For me, trouble with in blogging sites is flair up do occur from time to time - especially when there are diametric opposing issues being discussed. The extra difficulties arise when the thread is closed, as the division quickly make two opposing camps, and my experience can easily spiral totally out of control. (With the original issue being long forgotten.)

A moderator could have simply said something (even privately) like "I never thought of <whatever> that way. I think the issue might be an important, but I'm sure <whoever> wasn't implying or is unaware of the <subject>. Also the issue <whoever> <original subject> is a good idea to promote. Regardless both issues are worthy to consider in the future.
IIS is aiming to produce <whatever>, and for the sake of harmony, it might be better to settle the issue amicably. If either of you wish to discuss this privately I'd be happy to hear your views."
This is an just plain example of contrition.
In this case, the issue was not confronted at all, but diverted by talking about "observing outside." The points of either side was just left up in the air. Worst those seeing a thread close, by human nature, go and see what it was all about. (Like people gathering around in a car accident.)

Closing threads and saying "Asta-la Vista baby" leaves no solution and an implied attitude of "who cares."

Regardless, the point of those with any kind of disability within this site is quite valid. In the future even the slightest feeling of any discrimination of any kind should by taken seriously and negated immediately. (In this case Ron's actual original post that started the thread wasn't discriminatory at all.)

The TOS should reflect the general society - and this is my point of consideration below.

In the end I don't want any argument here, just some general consideration and thought of others.
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