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Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
Do you mean your spider vanes are not square?

Do you have a catseye collimating kit or do you know someone who can lend you one?

What do your on axis stars look like now?
Marc, If I center the Spider hub by using calipers from the edge, then the 2ndry mirror is not in center as it is not mounted centered on the 2ndry mount, which is connected to the spider hub. Soo, I needed to 'off-set' the spider's hub to center the 2ndry, is this a 'no-no' ?
I ask, because I have heard of some 'Off-Setting' which needed addressing rgrds the 2ndary, not sure if that is to do with the actual 2ndry mirror or the spider hub ?

Stars Look the Same this 10" is now 'off' the mount, resting, I may make a ronchi tester, knife edge and light test for a better squizz at this mirror's shape ? ? or, I might ask here if any mirror-makers close by ?

Cheers mate
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