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Hi Logan,

From my experience, measured noise n SNR quite closely follow theoretical patterns. To determine approximate total integration required to achieve desirable level of say background noise, one just needs to measure standard deviation in featureless background in an average sub, and then divide this number by a square root of the total number of planned subs. This will give a pretty good estimate of noise in a stack.

In my location and with my camera I get a of nearly 250ADU in featureless background in a few-minute Lum sub. So to achieve say 10ADU background st dev, I need 625 subs. If I was imaging from a darker site and had say st dev of 50ADU in the background in an average Lum sub, then I would achieve a similar result with merely 25 subs...that’s why I won’t try LRGB imaging anymore until we move to a darker location :-)
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