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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
Just curious, as I will be seeing Scott in a couple of weeks. Would starlapse owners and would be owners be interested in a Losmandy tripod dedicated to starlapse heads? How much would you pay? Or is the current use of a photo tripod enough?

BTW Scott did not want to make the product. I hassled him for years, but given his very clever implementation and subsequent popularity of the end product I'm very pleased he capitulated
Peter, my 190XPROB copes with the StarLapse and a DSLR and 500mm lens.

I just switched the 498RC2 ball head for an 804RC2 and that is more stable, but less convenient for terrestrial shooting. I guess that means take both heads and a screwdriver.

Getting the mount dovetail the right way round (put the end with the mount screw closest to the camera so it protrudes further in the other direction) helps the balance. I'm yet to try it with the ST80.

Once you go past that grade of tripod the price goes up quickly, so I'd consider a dedicated mount.

The 190XPROB fits in my usual checked luggage, with room left for a week's clothes. If the mount was much bigger it would mean the StarLapse had to go in my airline maximum size cabin bag and that will be pushing the weight limit. It already has a DSLR with one lens and a camera bag that takes a couple more lenses.
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