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Halo Dennis!

Yes it is really interesting fact that we have very similar equipment and I belive that I am the luckiest guy right now. You see, Slovenia has only 2 milions of inhabitans so there are no so many people (in count and percentage) which acts as amateur astronomers and uses Vixen telescope (so I didn't have jet proper man for my problems).

You really gave me a lot of useful information in the last post which I will have to try in near future also in practial point of view to see what would be for me the best.

One more question: Do you use color filters in taking pictures? Are they more for detaled observation or does it have some impact in picture quality? By my opinion, the moon filter from Vixen could have better impact also on the photo picture.

Second, on dual axis controller (DD-1) are three speeds: 1.5x, 2x and 32x. I can't fugure it out why 1.5? For what objects? Is it usable only for fine adjustments?

And finaly: Did you try to take picture of the sun? (Probably yes, so...) Do you have some special filter on your 102M telescope mounted to take the pictures?

Regards, Bostjan
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