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I went up to the obs last night although limited in what I could do and how long I could stay up there as I have work today and the flying ants were in plague proportions making any work with the light or monitor on extremely difficult.

I pulled the camera out and looked up the tube from the focuser end while pointed at the still daylight sky and it is all flat black and has about 4 baffle rings inside it.

From the objective end, all I can see is the focuser draw tube rack that is nicely chromed, the rest is all flat black and baffled. If I grab even a weak torch and shine it in there it is very reflective so I'm going to pull the focuser off and paint the rack flat black.

As for the filters etc, I will wait until some filters I purchased arrive and I have a Friday or Saturday night that lets me spend some time pulling off the camera and changing filters and removing them for test shots etc.

The LRGB filters are the Baader ones that have the arrows showing to point which way although they say to reverse them in certain circumstances. I might try that as well, other wise I have the original QHY ones to try back in as well.
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