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SCUTUM - The Grand Tour

Below are the subjects in Scutum that I wish to view:-

The Main Stars:

Alpha Scuti. Only a little more massive than the Sun, it is already evolved into being a giant star.

Beta Scuti. A spectroscopic binary, 900 LYs away.

Gamma Scuti. Currently aroung 320 LYs away, it will pass by us at a disance of 20LYs in 2.35 million years and become the brightest star in Earth's sky. (Ok, besides the Sun.)

Delta Scuti.
This has a similiar story to Gamma. In 1.2 million years, Delta is expected to pass by at a distance of 10 LYs and be brighter than Sirius.

Epsilon Scuti.
This is an astrometric binary. This is an unfamiliar term to me, but basically means that the star orbits, or wobbles around empty space with the companion star/object not being detected.

Objects of interest.

NGC 6712 - Globular.

R Scuti. Variable ranging form5.7 to 8.4 over five months.

Scutum Star Cloud. I suspect it may be worthwhile trying to take in the bigger picture here!

Struve 2325. A double star (Mags 5.8 & 9.3, 12.3" apart. This is a great signpost to find the faint nebula IC 1287.

IC1295. Faint Planetary Nebula. (Close to NGC 6712).

Messier objects in Scutum: M11 and M26.
Caldwell Objects in Scutum: Nil.
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