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Originally Posted by clive milne View Post
It is probably a bit sharper than the Cannon lenses, a fraction of the cost and can be used as a telescope should you want to.
Well, the FSQ-106 is a real heavy Cannon (with two n) lens compared to a Canon (with one n) 600mm f/4 or 300 f/2.8 which weigh only 4kg resp 3kg. Despite its compact size it is heavy. Is the tube made of steel ?

The 100-400L (new version) costs with $2200 only a fraction of the Tak and weight a mere 1.5kg.
I have the 70-300L which is very sharp at the edges even at full aperture.

I have the Samyang 14 as well and the sharpness is very good at full aperture.
Find here a review:
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