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Unhappy NOT enough INWARDS focus

Greetings all,

I have a United Optics 110mm F7 refractor which i am told is made by the same manufacturer as Williams Optics(Not the same optics though, I'm not even sure if it's an APO).

I have jumped straight in the deep end and tried to capture some images with my Nikon D7100 DSLR.

As the scope does not have a built in field flattener i have purchased a williams optics FFIV.

My PROBLEM is when coupling the DSLR with the FF to the scope it seems i don't have enough inwards focus travel to get even close to a nice pic, it is completely out of focus.

The FF is adjustable, i have tried all the distances, focus all the way in with no luck.

I was sold this scope with astrophotography in mind so would assume it is suitable given the reputation of the shop.

Now correct me if i am wrong please...

Could it be that the DSLR chip is just set too far back in the camera?

In future i will be looking at getting a dedicated CCD(I have taken a liking to the QHY9)- Would/could this be the solution simply because the chip is set much closer to the front of the unit, Its a pretty expensive scenario to test with out going out and buying one.

Could it be i got a bum deal and this scope is no good for AP?

I thought one way to test it would be to position a guide scope CCD(which i am yet to buy, prob go for a QHY5 II) in the same pos that the QHY9 would be and see if i can get focus then- Can anybody help with the distance from the front of the unit/T thread to the chip on a QHY9(I've checked the web/technical drawings and can't seem to find a number.

Anybody else had any joy APing with a United Optics scope? I can say that visually it is impressive both in how it looks(classy/well made) and and the views it gives(Planets/Star clusters etc very crisp/clear no CA that i can see not that I'm an expert!)

Hopefully someone can help, thanks in advance, and could everybody over east Aus send WA some clear skies, I think ever since i got my scope 6 out of 7 days have been cloudy


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