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Modern ccd and cmos have microlenses on the pixels. That is because pixels require light to hit them at a fairly straight up angle and the lenses limit the variation in angle - ie straighten the light up. Also often pixels are more sensitive on one side than the other and the lens is designed to focus the light more on the sensitive side.

Too fast no doubt would mean reduced efficiency of any CCD/CMOS sensor. As the light would hit it at a bad angle where efficiency is weak.

Also colour cameras may be worse off than mono. I read recently many posts about Sony Nex 7 cameras having magenta cast images when using ultra wide lenses as the angle of the light is too far over and this caused an annoying magenta cast to the image.

So I imagine from the above that a smaller chip would be better than a larger chip. That larger pixels may be better than smaller pixels due to generally better efficiency to start with.

Failing theory best look at photos from various setups and pick the camera that seems to be performing the best.

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