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re cmaera

Humayan,I did a systems restore to a week ago,all looks good.

I got the 450D working from lap top,as before,I plugged in 50D,the computer recognised it,its was in list of devices,I could see 50D,I could examine photos.

But I could'nt work the camera via EOS utility,it did'nt recognize it.had icon saying so.

But the software I have in is from the disc that came with 450d,ver 18,so I will put the disc that came with 50d and load it in.

Just happy to have any camera working from lap top really!

Thank goodness for systems restore,Someone once mentioned that you should not ever do de-frags its not good,may be they were right.

Ok,if anyone has any pointers,I would be most happy,I am not really a computer person,so I need all the help I can get!

cheers Chris
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