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Originally Posted by Robh View Post
Nice reporting on your batch of largely planetary nebulae.
I'm impressed by your successful viewing at 707x.
I've not done any viewing at this magnification. It must be a struggle to keep objects in the field of view!

Regards, Rob.
I was surprised aswell! But don't try viewing bright stars at this's NOT pretty! Faint stars however looked pretty decent I must say, even got an airy disk or two for very short instances of good seeing. The detail I got from NGC 3918 intrigued me....I'd like to hear Les' take on this or anyone who's seen structure within this PNe. The central star of the Ghost of Jupiter was a perfect pinpoint at 566x aswell!

Originally Posted by Dave47tuc View Post

Good to see the LVW's getting a good work out.
Sweet eyepieces for sure! I'm thinking of adding a few Naglars and Radians to the collection to fill in a some magnification gaps because atm I'm juggling barlows like crazy If me plan comes to fruition, I shall be barlow free until I hit the 566x mark
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