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Originally Posted by orestis View Post
Wow Thats some great observations made even though there were clouds about.

I've only seen 2 planeteries m57 and m27 both were very good but i want to see more.I especially like your observations on the ghost of jupiter.Can i see any good detail in my 130mm?sounds awesome.
Planeteries are awesome.
Sounds like you got great detail on mars..Any filters?[

I haven't seen mars yet properly.only one time when i was a little kid in 2003 when it was the best opposition for a long time.i Wish i'd remember better was awesome.

Thanks for posting ,great read
Thanks mate! I love M27, absolutely fantastic in the 12"! I'm not sure how the Ghost of Jupiter will look in a 130mm, but I have a 127mm Mak which I will be taking out tomorrow morning for a look at Mars and Saturn, I'll take a look at it aswell. I reckon the eye shape might be visible given enough magnification and good seeing...but not 100% sure. I'll be setting the alarm for 2am...

Originally Posted by Dave47tuc View Post
Nice report Sab

Good to see the LVW's getting a good work out.

The clouds will haunt you 4ever

hey come to March Snake Valley camp pretty dark skies and you will get a least one good viewing night.
You can join Geoff and I as a last of our kind who look into an eyepiece
Good to hear from you mate, been a while! We should get together for a viewing night sometime.....
Yeah there is no escape from Melbourne Cloud, that flippin southern ocean spits out Melbourne Cloud faster than Fev's booze consumption.

Lol Dave there is actually approx 5 forumers (including you, me and Geoff) here that still swear by the eyepiece

Originally Posted by barx1963 View Post
Nice Report Sab!
Good work getting all those PNs with seeing difficulties.
Dave, there are more of visual types out there!
I would love to be at SN in March but have a prior engagement so please any visual observers get along and support Dave and Geoff to uphold our end at Snake Valley!
Seeing itself was okay away from the horizon. Just those damn clouds, of which bloody round 2 (followed by 3 and 4) rolled in as soon as the moon set naturally

As for Snake Valley....might go, havent decided yet.

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