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450D vs 40D

Ok, I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on a new camera, I'll be getting a camera for astro use mainly, I'll stick with cannon and will be modded most likely hutech. As it will be paid for by the tax man I'm not too worried about any excess costs of importing one.
I was looking through the Hutech web site and have noticed that the price on all the camera's have come down which will cover for our weaker dollar at the moment.

I've narrowed it down to either one of these camera's 450D or 40D.
Both have what I want, 14bit, live view etc. But is the 40D $500 better than the 450D.

I know that the 40D has a higher shutter speed, Iso speed (through custom functions), higher burst rate, more metering points, better battery life etc. Most of that has no effect of astro use except battery life, but 2 batteries will cover that.
The 450D is cheaper, lighter more pixels.

I'm leaning toward the 450D more but has anyone got any advice on which is the better camera or anything I might have overlooked?
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