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from my experience with the hutech modified 350D:

for terestrial photography -

you can get allmost identical color reproduction to a non-modified camera with some experiance with color tone adjustments in adobe camera raw, basicly no one will be able to tell if your photo is through a modified or non-modified

the main drawbacks are in some situations, more time processing your photographs for color balance and color tone reproduction

you will experience Moire' in selected synthetic subjects such as heavy continuious patterned objects - buildings etc since the anti-atlasing filter is removed - but you will allso experience dramatically sharper photographs due to this, so its a bit of a trade off.

ive some pretty awsome terestrial shots through my hutech modified 350D, they would have been identicial through my 30D - accept differences in processing the photograph, with the hutech 350D alot less sharpening.

it kinda changes the feel of the photographs abit, its kinda simular to how film photography works, and how different films give different looks, its just barely different though - but you can still reproduce identically with color tone adjustments.

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